Listen to Security Mutual Life employees talk about their experience with MoneyTrax and the Circle of Wealth® system, and how they can help you best.

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At Security Mutual Life we have the products, the people and the know-how to help you succeed with the MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth® system. Take a look at what we offer you and your clients.

Products -
We Get It.

The Security Mutual Life Customized UL4U® universal life insurance policy and the Security Designer WL4U® whole life insurance policies are engineered to enable policyowners to design the Maximum Efficient Contracts that are at the core of the MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth® system.

The WL4U line offers two different paid-up additions riders: one that may be suitable for the policyowner who is a systematic saver and the other for the policyowner who needs a significant level of flexibility not found in the paid-up additions offerings of other carriers.

The UL4U product offers enhanced interest credits and lower Cost of Insurance charges and may be suitable for policyowners whose goals include the development of meaningful cash values.

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Agent Support -
We Speak Your Language.

Security Mutual Life sends a team to COW® College every year so that the team learns firsthand of developments regarding the MoneyTrax Circle of Wealth® system.

A number of individuals in the Marketing department work with various components of the Circle of Wealth® system—from the Mortgage Master to the Tax Master, from Retirement Ready or Not to the Personal Economic Model—every day, supporting advisors who favor this system.

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Underwriting -
We Have Experience.

Security Mutual Life’s underwriters are familiar with MoneyTrax concepts. This familiarity allows our underwriters to promptly evaluate the financial aspects of cases submitted by MoneyTrax advisors.

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Client Services -
We’re Ready to Help.

The client services team at Security Mutual Life is familiar with MoneyTrax, too. Policyowners and insurance advisors who call Security Mutual Life speak to real people, not a machine. There are no synthetic voices here—only real people who are trained and who have a keen desire to help you and your clients.

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Security Mutual Life Works with You.

For Security Mutual Life agents in good standing, our Training Incentive Program will reimburse you for a portion of your training expenses. We will contribute toward the online MoneyTrax software training program, renewal fee, COW® College tuition and more.

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SML Representatives and the MoneyTrax Connection

Security Mutual Life's independent and professional representatives include a number of highly accomplished MoneyTrax Master Mentors who have presented at COW® College, other MoneyTrax meetings and at Security Mutual Life sponsored educational meetings as well.

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